'Cultural commoning is of its time. In a world where it is becoming clear that the everyday creative things we do have a value to us, to the social fabric and wellbeing of our communities and to the health of our democracies it offers an alternative approach to sustaining our creative lives.'

The Imagine Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics (12-18 March) and the conversational seminar series within it, the Common Interchange of Ordinary Intelligence, are fast approaching. One of the conversations on cultural commoning begins to look at what the future might hold for the arts and explores many of the ideas and challenges surfaced in a series of articles written by leading thinkers and doers as part of the Our Cultural Commons initiative.

Cultural commoning, I would argue, is emerging next practice. It's exciting to explore on the one hand but often creates more questions than answers when you first engage with it. Although as old as the hills, commoning is not a term that is 'commonly' understood and in the context of cultural policy and practice even less so.

Here are 3 articles that provide some context and some practical examples of cultural commoning in action. Join us at the Imagine Festival to explore current learning and practice and help us shape this positive movement towards transformative innovation in the arts. Registration is free and available from this link

Why Cultural Commoning Matters

An Instance of Cultural Commoning

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