Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Deadline: Friday 27 April 2018, 5pm

The Bothy Project is a growing network of small-scale, off-grid art residency spaces in distinct and diverse locations around Scotland and beyond.

Taking its name from the Scottish term for a small hut used as a mountain shelter, the bothies of the Bothy Project take this a step further combining striking contemporary design with hand crafted purpose built structures create spaces suitable for longer artist stays.

The objective of the Bothy Project is to create platforms for artists and researchers to journey and explore the history, landscape and people in the areas surrounding the bothies and create outputs based on these residencies. The Bothy Project was founded in 2012 by artist Bobby Niven and architect Iain McLeod working with various architects, designers and collaborators.

Since then two residential bothies and one non-residential have been developed and situated in the landscape of Scotland. Over 200 artists residencies have been hosted capturing the imagination of artists, journalists and writers worldwide. The Bothy Project has recently been confirmed by OSCR as a charitable organisation in January 2018.

The Bothy Project now requires a Creative Director to take forward the vision of the new organisation and will have the opportunity to develop and guide its creative direction to deliver the company's charitable purposes.

The Bothy Project is committed to providing:

  • opportunities for artists and designers to participate in the Bothy Project sites;
  • artist-led outreach events at community facilities;
  • a creative experience for local people through access to methods, skills and knowledge of the guest artists;
  • a platform for collaboration with the creative process, by curating and participating in events and acting as advisors to artistic;
  • educational work progressing within the Bothy Project sites

The role of the Creative Director is to work with the Bothy Project trustees to deliver the charitable aims of the Bothy Project. The Creative Director will be the main representative and point of contact for funding bodies, corporate sponsors, artists and arts organisations partnering with the Bothy Project.

Salary: £35,000

Full role details and responsibilities are available at www.thebothyproject.org. For further information, please contact David Cook on email: [email protected]