The Gathering Place

This year, Voluntary Arts Ireland have teamed up with ArtsEkta for The Gathering Place Project. We delivered a range of arts workshops throughout the summer months with a creative team of artists to communities across Northern Ireland. People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities came together to create mixed media portraits and artworks for the sculptural installation in The Gathering Place which was exhibited at this year's #BelfastMela.

Participants were asked to respond to themes such as; identity, community, faith and journeys. We captured these responses and stories and presented them as an audio element to The Gathering Place installation. 

We also had fantastically engaging performances from Clara Rose Thornton from InkBot Complex and a workshop on Lyricism and Empowerment - just one way we can use this creative space. 

The Gathering Place is a collaborative project, aiming to create a physical ‘Gathering Place’ which participants will design and develop over the course of the project.  

We're very pleased to bring The Gathering Place across the island of Ireland and deliver workshops in Dún Laoghaire and Cork, asking communities to share what a gathering place means to them and share their creativity. 

Artists involved include the sensational Clara Rose Thornton - spoken word artist, Award-winning photographer Neil Hutcheson and incredibly talented Visual Artist Liz Smyth.

Partly funded by the Department of Arts Heritage Regional Rural and Gaeltacht affairs

Dún Laoghaire

Tuesday 24 October 

Tuesday 31 October

Project Room, dlr lexicon, Dún Laoghaire


Monday 16 October

Monday 23 October

Mayfiel Arts, Newbury House

For more information on up-coming events and workshops contact: Áine - [email protected] or Mairead - [email protected] and follow our Facebook page for updates.