The Scottish Parliament Culture Tourism Europe and External Affairs Committee has produced a report from their in-depth inquiry into arts funding.

Voluntary Arts Scotland gave evidence to the inquiry earlier in the year in person and in a written submission.

Although the report concentrates on arts funding and changes to how Creative Scotland might distribute funds, many of the recommendations are of relevance to the wider cultural sector and voluntary arts in particular, including:

  • That the Scottish Government should seek to maintain Scotland’s participation in the Creative Europe programme after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The Committee also recommends that the Scottish Government should give consideration to arts funding as part of its consultation on the replacement of European Structural Funds after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
  • That cultural spend is disaggregated and provided separately at a local government level, noting that local authorities diverge widely in their approach to cultural expenditure.
  • That the Scottish Government work with Creative Scotland to re-establish a programme of funding for regionally-based arts officers in order to stimulate funding in geographical areas where there are relatively few applications at present
  • That the Scottish Government make its existing commitment to “ensure every school pupil in Scotland is offered a year of free music tuition by the time they leave primary school” an indicator for the national outcome on culture within the National Performance Framework.

At Voluntary Arts Scotland we’ll continue to talk regularly with representatives from local and national government, to ensure that opportunities for creative activity are sustained and strengthened across the country.

We’ll keep you updated on what the findings of this report lead to . . .