Visual Arts PlymouthArea: Plymouth
Deadline: Monday 19 December 2016

Visual Arts Plymouth (VAP) grew out of the Plymouth Visual Arts Consortium, who brought the British Art Show 7 to Plymouth, alongside lots of other citywide exhibitions. Visual Arts Plymouth provides a voice and a platform for the range of visual arts in Plymouth. It connects grassroots activity with a larger city cultural plan and vision, and shares knowledge and ideas in order to effect change in the city. One of VAP’s defining successes has been the development of the Plymouth Art Weekender, taking place annually at the end of September since 2015.

VAP believe that Plymouth needs to celebrate the range of visual arts across the city, in all its forms, from the highly experimental to the traditional. Behind quality culture, are creative people, who have ideas, imagination and a can-do attitude. VAP want to bring these people together to reimagine what the city could be, and then look at how to make it happen.

It is looking to expand VAP and bring in new creative and imaginative ‘Activators’ who are passionate about visual arts, people who are prepared to pull out all the stops to make change happen. It needs team players and people who are willing to share ideas and knowledge, with an open problem-solving attitude. It is working on a fully-funded programme of Talent Development supported by Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence initiative and it would like to find new Activators to contribute their time, skills and energy to making this a success.

Role of the Activators

  • To steer and drive the Visual Arts Plymouth (VAP) agenda forward. The Activators shares a common agenda, focusing on the need to strengthen the sector across Plymouth and not the needs of any one individual, organisation, practice or part of the city, but recognises diversity across the city.
  • To be clear and transparent about objectives for the network, allowing open discussion within the group that is effective and responsive, and ensuring effective communication with the sector.
  • To move forward quickly and with vitality, yet also with due care and consideration.

The Activators will be required to undertake the following:

  • Attendance at Activators monthly meetings (at least 75% of the 12 per year)
  • Active contribution to discussion of agenda items and implementation of agreed actions
  • Time, energy and skills in making key events a success (e.g Plymouth Art Weekender)
  • Review of and contribution to key documents
  • Advocate for Visual Arts Plymouth at functions, meetings and events - representing the Visual Arts sector as a whole
  • Attendance at Forum Meetings
  • Contribution to regional and national debates as appropriate.

Reimbursement and Term

  • The role of ‘Activator’ is a voluntary one.
  • A minimum term of one year will be expected of each Activator.
  • A minimum of 1 Activator should step down each year, in order to bring fresh vision, with the larger cohort remaining to retain knowledge and stability to the network.

To apply, send a short statement (no more than one side of A4) outlining why you would like to be part of the VAP Activators, and the attributes you will bring to the network along with a relevant reference to: Applications will be considered at the next Activators meeting.