Voluntary ArtsArea: UK
Deadline: Friday 30 June 2017

Voluntary Arts is currently seeking a new volunteer Chair for its Board of Trustees to replace Louise de Winter who is due to retire from the position in November 2017 at the end of her term of office.

Voluntary Arts operates across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We currently have 17 staff divided into 5 departments: Voluntary Arts England, Voluntary Arts Scotland, Voluntary Arts Wales, Voluntary Arts Ireland and our Chief Executive’s Department. Voluntary Arts is registered in Scotland as Company No.139147 and Charity No.SC 020345, registered office: The Creative Exchange, 29 Constitution Street, Edinburgh EH6 7BS. (Our full company and charity name is The Voluntary Arts Network but we operate as ‘Voluntary Arts’.)

Voluntary Arts has a Board of 14 Trustees who are also all Directors of the Company limited by guarantee. Positions on the Voluntary Arts Board are not remunerated, although travel and subsistence expenses are paid. The Chair of Voluntary Arts is appointed by the Board for three year term and may be reappointed to serve a maximum of six years. The duties of the Chair are detailed below in the ‘Voluntary Arts Chair role description’ (please note that these responsibilities do not constitute a contract of employment).

The Board of Voluntary Arts meets four times a year. Meetings take place on weekdays (usually Thursdays), with two meetings each year in London for ease and cheapness of travel and the other two meetings taking place in different parts of the UK and Ireland by rotation.

We are now looking for someone with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to lead the Board of Voluntary Arts, to support our Chief Executive, Robin Simpson, and to guide the organisation through a challenging but exciting period.

Download the Recruitment Information Pack here.

Nominations are encouraged from all parts of the UK and Republic of Ireland. We are doing our best to remove any barriers that might prevent someone joining our Board: if you would like to discuss this in more detail please contact our Chief Executive, Robin Simpson, at: robin@voluntaryarts.org

If you would like to find out more about the position of Voluntary Arts Chair please contact our current Chair, Louise de Winter, at dewinterlouise@gmail.com and/or our Chief Executive, Robin Simpson at robin@voluntaryarts.org to arrange an informal and confidential chat.

To formally express your interest in the position of Voluntary Arts Chair please write to Katy Spicer, Vice Chair at katy@efdss.org. Deadline for expressions of interest: Friday 30 June 2017.