Voluntary Arts is inviting submissions to a new publication responding to the 'Our Cultural Commons' initiative.

Do you have perspectives to share on cultural democracy in Scotland?

A selection of articles will be published online and collected into a hard copy which will be shared and disseminated widely. The first 200 copies of the collection will be made available free, with any additional copies sold in order to support additional printing costs.

Articles should be no longer than 1000 words. While there is no fee for contributors, we are already getting contributions from across the globe so it promises to be an interesting mix.

Guiding principles for the publication:

1.     Our cultural life – first and last – is local.

In the next decades:

●      most of us will be able to experience the arts and cultures of the world virtually

●      some of us will travel to experience the arts and culture regionally, nationally and internationally

●      but all of us will grow up and grow old experiencing and participating in the arts and culture, locally.

2.     A cultural commons begins with what local people already know they have and can use rather than from a deficit position focussing on what they have lost or never had.

3.     Like art and science – and any other facet of human culture - a cultural commons has to be made. We can see examples of a cultural commons being enacted all around us. These are a result of people making them so.

To discuss or submit an article please contact Kevin Murphy at email: kevin@vaireland.org