We all know extraordinary people who go above and beyond the call of duty, giving so much and expecting nothing back, whose consideration for those in need turns into actions which make a genuine difference to all concerned.

Someone whose influence has enhanced life within their community or had far-reaching positive effects on the country as a whole? This is the type of person who deserves an Honour and the nomination of these remarkable people should come from those that have recognised these qualities.

The award of an Honour touches more than the recipient - the organisers have repeatedly seen the remarkable benefits that cascade from those honoured to the organisations they support. So a single person being nominated for an Honour, could have a positive effect on many others.

The Honours system is managed by the UK Cabinet Office Ceremonial Secretariat, but each UK Government Department and the Devolved Administrations all have an Honours Secretary to whom you may send a nomination. Honours are awarded twice a year - in June and at the New Year.

Nomination is a simple process, which the Protocol and Honours team can guide you through. You don’t need to write a family history or produce a CV, they have an easy to use guide to support your nomination or the information can be submitted using a simple form. 

The Protocol & Honours team are happy to help, for more information contact them at [email protected].