Deadline: 31 July 2019

The Woodward Charitable Trust focuses on the following areas:

  • Children and young people who are isolated, at risk of exclusion or involved in anti-social behaviour
  • Prisoners and ex-offenders. Projects that help the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners and/or ex-offenders are supported as well as requests to help prisoners’ families
  • Disadvantaged women, covering refuges, domestic violence and parenting
  • Disability projects, which can include rehabilitation and training for people who are either physically disabled or learning disabled
  • Arts outreach work by local groups involving disadvantaged people
  • Projects that promote integration and community cohesion amongst minority groups, including refugees and travellers.

Small grants of £100-£5,000 and Large grants of over£5,000 are available. Large grants are only given to charities known to the Trustees.

The Trustees favour small-scale, locally based initiatives. Funding is primarily for one-off projects, but the Trustees are also willing to fund core costs. Most grants are only for one year.

For more information, and to apply, please visit